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Miracles happened just by changing my Business Card, Prasad from Pragathi Consultants, Bangalore

The eagerness and personal involvement or Shri Jawin Jain in completing the assigned work is noteworthy and appreciable.

Pyramids placed by Mr. Jaiwin Jain in different places in addition to adding beauty to the place has made some drastic changes in the environment and ambiance of the place.

Bhaktamber Manisha Jain:
  • It is said dat God cannot reach everywhere so he send his Angel on Earth. Lisewise Jaiwin uncle is one of d angels of God who came into our life.
  • His positive vibrations helped us achieve happiness which was lacking before.
  • The path he made us followed really helped us.
  • Jaiwin uncle believes in Vast and Bhaktambar Stottra n he strongly made us believe in the same, bcoz of that our business also started growing. We really want to thank Jaiwin uncle from the bottom of our hearts.


Pyra Vastu

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Pyramid Yantra

List of Services

Katha wise significance of Bhaktamar Stotra

  • 1st - For removing all disturbances in life.
  • 2nd - For curing headache.
  • 3rd - For improving Eyesight.
  • 4th - For Adorer does not drown in water.
  • 5th - For curing eye diseases.
  • 6th - For IQ & Memory ( Education ).
  • 7th - For to remove snake poison.
  • 8th - For eradicating all troubles.
  • 9th - For procuring a son.
  • 10th - For poison of Dog is destroyed.
  • 11th - For Salty water converted into drinking water ( Purify water ).
  • 12th - Very good for marriage, Healthy relation ship.
  • 13th - Preventing theft & avoiding fear on journey.
  • 14th - Fear for enemy destroyed.
  • 15th - For attaining honour.
  • 16th - Fire is extinguished.
  • 17th - For Curing Gastrointestinal Tract are cured. ( for Kidney Diseases - failure/ dialysis ).
  • 18th - All Thoughts & illusive vision is removed.
  • 19th - For earning livelihood.
  • 20th - For improving fertility & increasing chances of pregnancy.
  • 21st - For keeping family members under control.
  • 22nd - Removal of all turbulence made by ghost & devil. ( To win in the court case ).
  • 23rd - For Eradicating Headache.
  • 24th - For removing half-headache & vertigo problem.
  • 25th - Enemy can not attack, saves from being prey to evil eye.
  • 26th - For removing pains of lady giving birth to baby.
  • 27th - For subduing enemy.
  • 28th - Curing from leprosy.
  • 29th - To come out any addiction removes effect of drugs like cannabis hemp and belladonna.
  • 30th - For prosperity in life.
  • 31st - For curing skin diseases.
  • 32nd - For removing all abdominal pains & diarrhoea.
  • 33rd - For removing all sorts of fever.
  • 34th - For safe pregnancy / To prevent premature abortion.
  • 35th - Keep safe from epidemics, hysteria, famine.
  • 36th - Wealth is gained in trade of gold and other metals.
  • 37th - For changing cruel person.
  • 38th - Intoxicated elephant is subdued to be speechless.
  • 39th - Forgotten way is found easily.
  • 40th - Free from fear of fire.
  • 41st - Effect of snake poison cured.
  • 42nd - Angry king becomes peaceful & subjugated.
  • 43rd - All type of fear removed.
  • 44th - No fear of storm in the sea. Sea is crossed easily in tribulations.
  • 45th - Most dreadful diseases are cured like dropsy, fear from death fistula oozing leprosy and Cancer.
  • 46th - One become free from prison if bound by iron chain.
  • 47th - No fear harms is worldly matters.
  • 48th - Laxmi prapti Yantra. Wealth is attained, Abundance.

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