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Miracles happened just by changing my Business Card, Prasad from Pragathi Consultants, Bangalore

The eagerness and personal involvement or Shri Jawin Jain in completing the assigned work is noteworthy and appreciable.

Pyramids placed by Mr. Jaiwin Jain in different places in addition to adding beauty to the place has made some drastic changes in the environment and ambiance of the place.


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Keep You Name As Per Numerology Small Name Changes Can Bring Wonders in Your Life . According to Date of Birth.

Changes Of Name & Name is just like Mantra the sound Vibrations that are generated form your name can bring fame and fame and success,when combined the letters NO ,NA NE , NI, should be avoided , if they occur they should be removed .

supposed In Your personal name or company name some alphabets are coming as mention below..
NO = Deny, it means we are telling don't start
NA, NE, NI, = Don't required / Don't Want
Suppose If u changes NO to ON = Start the work
Suppose If u changes NE / NI to EN / IN = come in side (get is open)
Suppose If u changes NA to AN, Before AN any alphabets we used than it will give according that alphabets results Ex:- HAM = I can do it. in the name HAN is coming Ex:- Suha KHan, Shahrukh KHan, Salman KHan, Amir KHan, Farah KHan, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ram Krishna Paramhans.

Vibration GAN = GUN (End results Death ) Mahatma GANdhi, Indra GANdhi , Rajiv GANdhi , Sanjay GANdhi .
One More example : God GANesh , first his neck was cut by Lord shivji and then replaced with the elephant head and Lord Ganesh Survied .
So now we know the combination of the alphabets gives results .
Some More example of vibration: KL= Kill , if it is changed to LK means LUCK .As you know L.K. Advani ,( Deputy Prime Minister)
Some More example AR= Air , verse order- RA = ray ,example AR RAHAMAN renowned music director .

Power of Alphabets effect and the correct placement of alphabet before or after one word also make the vibration of the name proper bringing amazing success, prosperity, luck and Fortune.

To get more actuate with the diagnosis of problem, I used Numerology to figure out the areas of the life that lack vibrations associated with numbers in the date of birth and now. I can safely predict a person's life and areas of concern by looking at the Date of Birth.

98% Numerology are giving names according to the Date of Birth, They just match the number of name according to the Date of birth and give name.

Only Less then 2% Numerology are giving personal name, company name and new born baby child.

I am doing deep Numerology when people required this service.

Your Proper Doctor -  Helping you Channel your Energy into Action, Helping to move from  "OHH NO" to "AAHHHA"  to  "WOW!!"