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Miracles happened just by changing my Business Card, Prasad from Pragathi Consultants, Bangalore

The eagerness and personal involvement or Shri Jawin Jain in completing the assigned work is noteworthy and appreciable.

Pyramids placed by Mr. Jaiwin Jain in different places in addition to adding beauty to the place has made some drastic changes in the environment and ambiance of the place.


Pyra Vastu

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Pyramid Yantra



Prediction of 2014 Election
23 days before (ie 16 may 2014 ) on whatsapp and 16 may 2014 morning news paper my prediction

was apper in dakshin bharat newspaper banglore .


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About Us

I started with reading books on vastu, Feng Shui and other related areas to cure the health issue which I had for the past 24 years.

What came to my rescue was pyramids which helped me survive out of this terminal condition. To improve my overall state, I began using pyravastu on various aspects of my own life and my close friends. The results were astonishing.

To get more accurate with the diagnosis of problem, I used numerology to figure out the areas of life that lack vibrations associated with numbers in the date of birth and now. I can safely predict a person’s life and areas of concern by looking at the date of birth.

Business is represented by Business Cards, Letter Heads, Envelopes and Sign-Boards. I can predict the business issue by first look at the business card and then suggest changes that can bring about the required energy to bring prosperity to the business.

Some of the services I render are change of name, redesign of Business Cards, Letter Heads, Envelopes and Sign-Boards.

We correct vastu defects without demolishing or altering your Home, Shop, Office or Factory, Plots as well as Agricultural Lands on the basis of Pyramid Vastu.

Change of name, the sound vibrations that are generated from your name can bring fame and success, Power of Alphabets effect and the correct placement of alphabet before or after one word also make the vibration of the name proper bringing amazing success.

We solve health and other related problems by Bhaktamber Sloka, even cancer patient also recover.

Your Proper Doctor -  Helping you Channel your Energy into Action, Helping to move from  "OHH NO" to "AAHHHA"  to  "WOW!!"