Jaiwin Jain
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Business & service excellence awards given by Actress Jayaprada in 2014
and also received Master Award in 2015 in vastu consultancy, Numerologist & holistic business card reader in Karnataka.



Miracles happened just by changing my Business Card, Prasad from Pragathi Consultants, Bangalore

The eagerness and personal involvement or Shri Jawin Jain in completing the assigned work is noteworthy and appreciable.

Pyramids placed by Mr. Jaiwin Jain in different places in addition to adding beauty to the place has made some drastic changes in the environment and ambiance of the place.


Prediction of 2014 Election
23 days before (ie 23 April 2014 ) on whatsapp and 16 may 2014 morning news paper my prediction

was apper in dakshin bharat newspaper banglore .


Pyra Vastu

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Pyra Card


Help to Reach Your Goal / Ambitions
Worrying Will Not Improve Situation, But You Can Choose Ways to Overcome Them

A specific personal problem

  • Help in Meditation
  • Come out from Depression
  • Long lasting Relationship
  • Behavior Control
  • Excellence in Studies
  • Family Harmony
  • Overcome Delay in Marriage
  • Resolving Child Birth Issues
  • New Opportunities Career
  • Getting Promotion at Work
  • Unnecessary Expenditure
  • My own Home

A specific Business problem / Industries Problems

  • Growth in Business
  • Partner become more Supporting & Understanding
  • Recover Block Payments
  • Recover Money from Relatives
  • Attract more Money
  • Finance Improvement
  • Approval of bank loans
  • Winning in Litigation / Court Cases
  • Government Approvals
  • More Order & Sales
  • How to get Recognition / Name & Fame
  • Productivity Issue

 100 Types of Personal,  Job, Business, Showroom and Industries problems can be solved.

Vastu: - Correct Vastu defects without Demolishing or Alterning your Home, Shop, Office and Industry.

Numerologist: - Name ( Personal or Business ) is just like mantra, Date of Birth and placing os alphabets should match with the Name to bring wonders in your life.

Holistic Business Card Reader: - Business Card Design according based on Date of Birth, Pyra Vastu and Numerology principles give better results.

Your Proper Doctor -  Helping you Channel your Energy into Action, Helping to move from  "OHH NO" to "AAHHHA"  to  "WOW!!"